Wednesday, September 26, 2012

They are my daughters...officially!

I am thrilled to introduce Rebecca Lynne Kembia Shinkle and Abigail Blessing Masengo Shinkle as my daughters! I received their long awaited adoption judgement yesterday! No longer will they be referred to with the words "family unknown." Instead, my name has been placed alongside theirs and our journey officially begins as mother and daughters.

A lot has transpired over the past weeks. As you might remember, the girls had surgery on their feet. They spent the following two weeks in the care of a Congolese pastor and his wife and I got lots of updated pictures. It was so exciting to see them so well cared for! God worked some big miracles through the efforts of Sue with Project Feet. We saw money raised exceeding the $25,000 goal allowing for all the children to receive treatment and tetanus vaccinations, shoes and socks donated through families and more on the way from Soles for Souls, the orphanage sprayed with pesticide twice, families step up to care for many of the children, other volunteers travel to also provide care, and an organization called Sweet Sleep wanting to donate beds for all the children. I am sure I forgot something but the short of it is that God has once again provided for his children through the combined efforts of many who remembered God's command to care for the orphans. The last pictures of the girls feet shows lots of improvement. All toes on Abby's feet are still intact and the color is slowly returning to normal. She is beginning to look weak through her eyes though so continue praying for the recovery of each of these children please!
Lastly, I received a request for a copy of my passport and payment for the final two stages of the adoption today. The process is now being expedited due to the children's condition. Paperwork to USCIS should be on the way soon and then all that remains is Embassy and travel! There is so much remaining undone here. The house situation is still not resolved though I came to terms weeks ago that I was the one wanting a larger home. We try to teach our children the difference between wants and needs right. Well this lesson was for me. The truth is that all four of the kiddos will be by my side regardless of the house size, so if things go according to plan I will simply add a bedroom and enlarge my living room in my current house. I still need to get busy on a larger vehicle. Joseph told me yesterday on the way to school to just buy a bus so I can transport them and the grandchildren! I must say not a bad idea:)
Continued prayers for the families who have entered this stage of the adoption process alongside me and those waiting eagerly. In addition I believe one family is now in the DRC and another on the way in a week or so. Big things are happening and I am excited for each person who has played a part in the Shinkle adoption story!

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