Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tales of a two year old

Oh the joy (and sometimes embarrassment) that comes with a toddler. We were out to lunch after church on Sunday when Jacob, leaned over the booth to a passing customer and announced, "Hey baby, I pee peed in the potty!" Best pick up line ever right?! Where does he get these things:)

Then, following an ENT appointment on Tuesday (where I am thankful to report his tubes are still in place and functioning properly) we ran by the office to visit with co-workers. On the way out his love of flipping switches suddenly turned on him as his fingers found the fire pull station by the elevator and suddenly lights were flashing, sirens wailing, and red alert heard throughout the hospital. Yes, on my floor, in my hospital, with many co-workers I had to say, no it's not a fire, just my son.

Love, love, love this boy and the never knowing what is coming next!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Busy May

Adoption - Things are progressing rapidly to bring R & B home! Documents left for The Assistant Stork today. The dossier is complete minus homestudy. Homestudy is done but waiting on report. Once that is in hand I can send in the dossier, file the I600-A and get the USCIS portion moving. I received new pictures over the weekend which thrilled me to no end. Fundraising begins next week and will hopefully begin to replenish some of what has been going out so rapidly!

Jacob - This little guy is just a delight...a stubborn, loud delight with a bit of a mean streak:) You might liken him to a bully as he tries to do everything first and best. He gets so upset with himself when he can't do what he is attempting. He is a natural athlete and my only decision will be which sport to enroll him in when he is old enough. He has actual conversation now though some does need interpreting still. We have begun working on potty training on an infrequent basis. He has control and he has no effort going when he tries but that stubborn streak runs strong and many times he just will not try. His teachers absolutely adore him both at daycare and church which makes my leaving him a bit easier.

Joseph - What a busy month for this little boy. He has been playing soccer and is beginning to look like he is deliberately scoring. Most games he scores 2-3 goals with the one game exception when he burst into tears because he didn't score. He expects so much from himself. 

Good action shot from this past weekend
Trophies followed this game!

Joseph graduated from pre-school this past week. I'm a pro at graduation and held it together except when a song played during a video with the words, "I can remember when, you fit in the palm of my hand." Most parents cried because they have this memory. I cried because I don't. Still not certain Joseph knew what graduation was all about, but he sure looked handsome and all grown up!
Just look at that smile as he walked past me!