Friday, May 13, 2011

Sneak peak

Joseph turned four years old yesterday. I have so much to be thankful for as we celebrate yet another milestone. His birth mom was on my mind a do you ever thank someone for giving the ultimate gift. We are celebrating with a Diego party on Sunday so many pics will follow. However, I couldn't wait to show off the look that did not leave his face from the moment I first said Happy Birthday! That was a solemn moment, let me tell you. As he repeated "Happy Birthday, Joseph????" Yes son, the first of many happy birthdays to come.

Mother's Day

Wonderful day spent with the children and grandchildren. After church we went to Olive Garden where the older three children surprised me with a new mother's ring complete with the stones of all five children! We then went shopping for above ground swimming pools. Joseph declared the other day, "Mama, I need this!" Seems he and I need to learn the difference between his needs and his wants:)
Amy, Kathy, Jacob, and Joseph. Now to get David home from Iraq and make a full family photo!
What a special day...

Child Dedication

Joseph and Jacob were dedicated to the Lord in a service at LifePoint Church May 7, 2011. What a tender time...despite the boys being sick with a virus and running high fevers. In attendance were my daughters Kathy and Amy, granddaughter Kensley, sister Terri and her family, friends Tina and Jeff. These, and others who could not attend, committed to bringing these boys up to know God, promised to support me and be an ever source of encouragement, and above all vowed to love Joseph and Jacob as they learn to seek the Lord in their daily walks.
This was the first picture as they tried to figure out what we were doing
They were so cute that they got a couple of pictures by themselves!
A precious moment captured during prayer
With Pastor Pat Hood

Not bad, considering they have never been in front of a professional photographer.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

They are mine....again!

In a document signed April 21, 2011, Yosef Debra Shinkle officially became Joseph Tyler Shinkle and Yabsera Debra Shinkle became Jacob Yabsera Shinkle! This time according to the laws of adoption in the state of Tennessee these two little guys are mine all over again. As soon as the new birth certificates arrive I get to re-trace steps to get new social security cards, new certificates of citizenship, and insurance changed over. The process was a bit anti-climatic after the past year plus of getting them home. After a  meeting with the attorney two weeks ago tomorrow, she filed the necessary paperwork and filed everything with court. No hurrah, no least from their end!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Good news in April

Finally, finally the end of April brings good news. After four rounds of three different medications, Jacob's giardia has finally cleared! Poor little guy...despite it all he continues to gain weight...a litte over three pounds since coming home. He has also had another four teeth come in (of course all four at the same time) and can now eat almost anything safely. It has been so fun this month as his little personality has really developed. He giggles at almost anything (though he can still throw a tantrum with the best of them) and tries to repeat most words said to him.

His weight has held steady since mid-February but he is definitely getting taller. Joseph speaks 98% English now! We always sit and talk over dinner with me talking and trying desperately to understand what he is saying. One night it was as if someone had flipped a light switch and we were having a real conversation. So fun especially because he has the cutest high pitched accent mixed with a Tennessee drawl. He is playing Smart Start baseball. He has had two practices and a scrimmage and the smile has not left his face. He still doesn't get a lot of why he is doing what he is doing but he loves it.

Finally, as we prepared for Easter we visited the Easter bunny and I explained that there would be toys and candy left for them in a basket. In Walmart the Saturday before Easter Joseph said "Mama, I lika chocolate" (yes the "a" is intentional). That is his now favorite thing to say about anything...I lika this and I lika that. The boys will be dedicated in church next weekend and lets not forget the big 4th birthday Diego celebration coming up in just a couple of weeks. I will desperately try to update again soon. In the meantime, below are a few of my favorite pictures from Easter.

My two handsome men!
Jacob is a complete grump when you wake hime up...nevertheless, I love this picture
Minus one son and one grandson, but here is the rest of the family