Sunday, July 31, 2011

July update

Wow, where has the month gone. After beginning the month with the boys feeling horrible it seems as if I have blinked and we are heading into August. It has been a month of more adjustments as I was asked by the director at La Petite to find another place for Jacob to  attend (due to the biting). After brief moments of panic I texted a dear friend who agreed to keep him in her home until (or if) I make other arrangements. He is happily playing with her Jacob every day which is fabulous, except for the drive all over Smyrna twice a day. Joseph has an evaluation for pre-K in the public school system this week. If he is accepted I will possibly move them both at that time. I  am hoping a nanny I was referred to will work out and they can spend their days at home and eliminate my driving. But for now, both are quite content.
The big news for the month is that big brother David is home! We met him at the airport and Joseph couldn't wait to jump in his arms. Jacob was a bit reserved until David came over to the house and then I suppose he figured he was okay because he ran to the car to greet him and jumped in his arms.

Finally meeting his big brother David!

We had family pictures made by my son-in-law and that was quite a disaster :) Jacob screamed essentially every time we sat down to take a picture. The other children ran and played in the rocks and then wiped their hands down the fronts of their white shirts. It was nearly 100 degrees so everyone was soaked with sweat. Nevertheless, we got a few keepers!

All the kids and grandkids!

My five children!!!


Perhaps my favorite, with Joseph and myself clearly showing our lack of support for Jacob's fit

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Snotting and sneezing, coughing and wheezing

After nearly a month of come and go symptoms since starting daycare, I finally took the boys to the doctor yesterday praying for some relief. None of us have slept well in over a week due to the persistent cough at night. Diagnosis for Joseph is a double ear and sinus infection. Jacob has walking pneumonia. There had previously been no fevers, but Jacob awoke cranky and febrile this morning. So, after many months we are enjoying some one-on-one time while Joseph attends "school." He is just precious as an only child:)
Update on the biting is that it continues to happen but with less frequency. They are continuing to work with him and moved him to the two year old class this week hoping that would help. He promptly bit a child his age in the face and I was called to pick him up! I truly don't get it as he does not act that way anywhere else. Not that he hasn't bitten, but he certainly doesn't go on the hunt for his next victim. The doctor had several suggestions, all of which I am sure won't be tried because they involve physically restraining him or putting him in time out.
The fourth of July was celebrated most of the weekend (or as Joseph calls it "America's birthday." These two haven't been up past dark since the night they came home and wondered I'm sure why they were sitting in the middle of a grassy field with hundreds of other people. They both sat transfixed as the fireworks lit the night with Jacob promptly falling asleep once in the car. We spent the 4th at my sisters for a cookout and swimming. Jacob would have nothing to do with the "big pool" but Joseph took off in his water wings. He even attempted to swim when I allowed him to take them off for a minute. Guess swimming lessons are in order for next summer.
We await the arrival of my oldest son next week. He is now safely out of Iraq and back in Hawaii, traveling home next week. Joseph is so cute as he says "David on an airoplane, coming to America!" That's all he has to relate flying to and seems very excited to meet his big brother. Following that visit is the CCI reunion and the long awaited beach trip.
That's the quick update for now as I would be plain silly not to take advantage of a mid-afternoon nap.