Sunday, June 10, 2012

Adoption Update

Well, things are moving along toward homecoming! All paperwork was received and with quick turn-a-round sent back out to the next destination. The dossier should be on it's way to the DRC for translation and my 30 day wait for the next court date ends this week. Hoping the timeline stays on target to avoid delay in getting Becca and Abby home. USCIS has received my I600A and I will prayerfully have a fingerprint appointment coming soon. Then it's a few more forms and more waiting.
Fundraising has also begun. The Chick-fil-A benefit dinner was a blast and added a small amount to the bank account. A yard sale will be held two weeks from yesterday. By the way, I still need lots of donations for this to be a much needed success. Stand by for information on t-shirts that are awesome and then there is a video soon to be in the works. I have applied for a grant and earnestly seeking additional ways of bringing in money for remaining fees. I have been praying for 3-4 generous donors to make this feel possible. That prayer was answered by the first family last week.
I know I should be worried but I am at such peace with this whole thing. I have no idea how all of the pieces will end up fitting perfectly together but my God does and I rest in that. Thank you for the continued love and support. Hoping to have more information soon...