Saturday, March 19, 2011

Busy March

I have found it incredibly hard to keep up with the blog now that I have returned to work. The good news is that the boys love spending time with Amy while I work and usually run to her house in the morning. There were (and still are) a few tears from time to time, but both seem to realize when they wake and see me in my work clothes what the day will bring.
Each continues to grow and change dramatically from day to day. Joseph is now using sentences composed of primarily English. What he doesn't know he mutters instead of mixing with Amharic. Jacob has hit his terrible twos (at 16 months) and knows how to throw a beautiful, text-book temper tantrum. We are all enjoying the spring weather and spending as much time outdoors as we can squeeze in. They both saw the audiologist this week. Joseph passed his hearing screen with flying colors. Jacob has mild hearing loss in the right ear due to fluid so I expect a call and visit to the doctor next week to evaluate for an ear infection. He has pulled on that ear since right after coming home but it always seems clear. Guess we wll meet an ENT if it still appears normal.
Most exciting for the month have been the many birthdays and parties. Nephew Colten turned 5, big sister Kathy and brother Steven turned 29, and Granddaddy turned 98! They met Chuck-e-cheese himself at Colten's party and acted as if they had participated in that craziness all their lives. Since then we have been back to Chick-fil-A for a reunion (a fundraiser was held there) and they met the cow. I guess the Easter bunny is definitely on our list for this year.
I hope to catch up more later but that is the quick update. Busy, busy, busy!

Joseph and his 98 year old Great-Grandfather. He immediately stole his heart (and won a ride around on the scooter)
Jacob didn't care so much for the ride but chased everyone else through the house instead. I love that the color of skin faded as Granddaddy watched these two play and participated a bit himself!